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Clock Tower Soundcard

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Luiscius Art + Sound Series #2, by Erik Kessels.

Vinyl, 5″, single-sided audio card.

The Clock Tower, a space curated by Erik Kessels in the heart of Amsterdam, is a collection of 2800 clocks re-appropriated and covering all walls and the ceiling of a former clocktower on the roof of former Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam. An office for a day, that evolves around the concept of time. You can rent it for as long as you want, as long as you keep in mind that with every passing hour, the clocks chime once more. Once your time is up, all of them sound off, resulting in a cacophony that you can only escape by pressing a big red button to leave.

Special thanks to Capital C Amsterdam.

Erik Kessels

Edition of 100 copies, signed.